PEZY-SC Many Core Processor(2014)

Now PEZY's 2nd generation processor PEZY-SC (SC: Super Computing) is ready to release.
PEZY-SC have 1024 cores and be manufactured by state-of-the-art 28nm process node.
Also, PEZY will soon be ready for Logic-DRAM 3-D stacking package by the originally
enhanced and implimented 2,048bit Ultra WIDE IO SDRAM IF.

PEZY-SC Specification:

Logic Cores(PE) 1,024
Core Frequency 733MHz
Peak Performance Floating Point  Single 3.0TFlops / Double 1.5TFlops
Host Interface PCI Express GEN3.0 x8Lane x 4Port (x16 bifurcation available)
JESD204B Protocol support
DRAM Interface

DDR4, DDR3 combo 64bit x 8Port Max B/W 1533.6GB/s
+Ultra WIDE IO SDRAM (2,048bit) x 2Port Max B/W 102.4GB/s

Control CPU ARM926 2core
Process Node 28nm
Package FCBGA 47.5mm x 47.5mm, Ball Pitch 1mm, 2,112pin