job opportunity:


Hardware Engineer:

Micoro-Processor development, PCB board development

Preferable Skills

- Logical curcuit architecture design

- Logical curcuit design and verification (verilog)

- Logical curcuit verification and evaluation on FPGA

- PCB design and evaluation

- EDA tools experience

- Bridge engeering to ASIC vendor


Software Engineer:

Application development

Preferable Skills

- C/C++/Assembler

- Image, Signal processing algorisms

- Code optimization

- OS, Compiler implementation

- Pararell processing (GPGPU, CUDA, OpenCL, Multi-thread)



- Microprocessor Architect

- Semiconductor Professional

- 3D device stacking package Professional

- Medical Devices Professional (CT, Ultrasound)

- Super Computer Professional

- Science and Technology computing algorism Professional



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